Clik3D works with Architects, Developers, Contractors, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, and Commercial & Residential Property owners.

Clik3D is an intuitive service that allows you to visualize all design decisions virtually, to see the outcome of your project before construction begins and ends, and to refine your choices until they are exactly what you want to see at the reveal.

Clik3D provides many of the same services as an architect, but we also enjoy working along side architects to add value to your project. Historically, if the client has engaged an architect for their design expertise, we add value by providing photorealistic renderings, interior finish variations for approval, furniture design, plan view layouts that include placement of furniture, artwork, flooring type, and wall colors, photos from any angle of the room or facility, and fly-thru videos, all in 3D with color, textures, lighting and more. These services are typically not within the scope of an architect’s deliverables. This currently accounts for about 30% of our engagements. About 70% of our clients engage us without an architect because we provide similar services at a significantly reduced rate. In any case, CLIK3D works seamlessly with architects, developers, contractors, landscape, and interior designers. If you have a favorite designer of anytype, we love working with other professionals to add realistic visualizations to your project. Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss where the overlaps and opportunities may be within your project team.


Yes, y making all design decisions virtually, before construction, you avoid the costly financial and schedule penalties that accompany changes during construction.

A 3D rendering is a computer graphics process that converts 3D scenes into 2D images. 3D renderings are processed using algorithms that result in different visual effects including photo realistic and line drawing imagery.

A Technical drawing is a precise and detailed document depicting an object or set of objects and has all unique graphical views with precise dimensions and annotations to describe the object in full detail for bids and manufacturing.

A Layout is a special type of Technical Drawing that shows a camera snapshot from a point of view directly above (Plan View), so that the entire room or area of interest can be seen. Often referred to as a floor plan. Included are all walls, windows, and doors, and all furniture placement with dimensions showing adequate clearances necessary for approval and installation.

Clik3D’s design & modeling service can be applied to anything from a home or commercial space, to furniture, built-in units, cabinetry, ceiling profiles, custom lamps and light fixtures, pillars, gates, signage, and special features such as fountains and sculptures based on client specifications.

A Photorealistic Rendering uses advanced algorithms applied to a 3D scene resulting in imagery of extreme realism and clarity. These types of renderings are a way to show what the new project will look like from any point-of-view prior to completion.

A Video Walk-thru/Fly-thru is a video showing all design decisions, colors, textures and furnishings. Whether from an aerial view of a building, or a fly or walk through of the adjacent territory and into the interior, these videos provide the most informative ways to understand the project.

VR is a simulated 3D environment using computers, visual goggles and sensing hardware in order to immerse the user into the project model to explore and interact with a virtual surrounding in a way that approximates reality.

3D Modeling is the process of taking a previously defined object and building it virtually on the computer so it can be placed in a 3D scene and seen from any point of view.

3D Design is the creative process that parallels the Modeling process while creating an object from scratch based on an idea and/or specification.

Simply put, a Video Walk-thru moves the camera as if an individual is walking on the floor or ground through a 3D scene, and a Video Fly-thru allows the camera to leave the ground enabling air born views such flying from room-to-room or as a drone taking an overhead exterior fly by.

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