See the future with Clik3D.


Clik3D works side-by-side with Architects, Developers, Contractors, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, and Commercial & Residential Property owners.

Clik3D’services provide an intuitive way of “seeing” all design decisions virtually, before construction begins and ends. This gives you an opportunity to refine your choices until they are exactly what you want to see at the end of the project.

Historically, 70% of our engagements are with architects or other design professionals with whom we work seamlessly.

Yes, by making all design decisions virtually, you avoid the costly financial and schedule penalties that accompany untimely changes during the build phase.

Modern computer visualization techniques are rapidly evolving technology requiring considerable time and focus to master. It is difficult for all designers to become and remain proficient enough to offer these services to their clients. Clik3D works seamlessly with architects and other design professionals to provide them state of the art modeling and visualization services, which not only adds value to your clients, but will differentiate your service offerings from that of your competitors.

A 3D rendering is a computer graphics process that converts 3D scenes into 2D images. 3D renderings are processed using algorithms that result in different visual effects including photo realistic and line drawing imagery.

Technical Drawings are precise and detailed documents depicting an object or set of objects and has all unique graphical views with precise dimensions and annotations to describe the object in full detail for bids and manufacturing.

Plan View Layouts are special type of Technical Drawing that shows camera snapshot from point of view directly above so that the entire room or area of interest can be seen, often referred to as floor plan. In addition to the walls, windows and doors this floor plan also includes all furniture and furnishings showing suitable placement.

3D Design is creative process during which an object  (i.e., custom designs of furniture, lamps, fountains, sculptures, etc.) is created from scratch based on an idea with initial specifications.

3D Modeling is the process of taking previously designed object and building it virtually on the computer so it can be placed in 3D scene and viewed from any point of view.

Photo Realistic Renderings use advanced algorithms which result in imagery of extreme realism and clarity. These types of images are way to show what the new project will look like prior to breaking ground, and throughout the construction phase.

Fly-thru Videos are focused movies showing all design decisions, colors, textures, and furnishings. Whether from an aerial view of building exterior, or a walk-thru or fly-thru of the interior, these videos provide the most informative ways to understand the project.

Virtual Reality (aka VR) is a simulated 3D environment designed to immerse the user into the project model to explore and interact with a virtual surrounding in a way that approximates reality.