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Our Digital Services

Technical Drawings are precise and detailed documents depicting an object or set of objects and has all unique graphical views with precise dimensions and annotations to describe the object in full detail for bids and manufacturing.

Technical Drawings

3D Design is a creative process during which a 3D object such as piece of furniture is created in 3D from scratch based on an idea and/or specification. 3D Modeling is the process of taking a previously designed object and building it virtually on the computer so it can be placed in a 3D scene and viewed from any point of view.

3D Design & Modeling

Plan View Layouts are a special type of Technical Drawing that shows a room directly from above. A see-through ceiling provides visibility of floors, walls, windows, doors, furniture and fixtures with dimensions showing sizes and clearances necessary for approval and installation.

Plan View Layouts

Photo Realistic Renderings use a technique that renders 3D objects and scenes using advanced algorithms resulting in imagery of extreme realism and clarity. These types of renderings are a way to show what the new project will look like from any point-of-view prior to completion.

Photo Realistic Renderings

A Fly-thru Video is a movie showing all design decisions, colors, textures and furnishings before the project is complete. Whether a walk-thru of the construction project, or a fly-thru of the exterior grounds, these videos provide the most informative ways to understand the project.

Fly Thru Videos

Virtual Reality (aka VR) is a simulated 3D environment designed to immerse the user into the project model to explore and interact with a virtual surrounding in a way that approximates reality.

Virtual Reality