Scott Bovenizer

Clik3D was founded by Scott Bovenizer, a design engineer with a long history in 3D design and modeling. He began his career designing high-tech military aircraft using wireframe 3D design systems.

Who is Scott Bovenizer

He has been focused on 3D architectural design, modeling, and animation for over 20 years and finds personal satisfaction while immersed in the 3D design process.

What He Has Specialized In

From bathroom remodel to new home design to commercial development, work through all design decisions virtually, prior to building and assure the final project outcome is what you want. 

This eliminates the budget-hungry, time-consuming ECO process (Engineering Change Order). 

Emergency changes during project execution kill the momentum, pushing out the schedule and increasing the required budget. Don’t let that happen.

Why Should you work with Scott Bovenizer

  • Planned, built from scratch & managed technical support and deployment organizations as partner & customer bases ramped up.
  •  Founded successful technology development & product design firm.
  • An accomplished and business-savvy technical professional with 15 years of successful start-up experience.
  • Excels in analysing client needs and developing products & services that solve real problems and increase profits.
  • Skilled in software development, agile methods, SaaS deployment, engineering management, process improvement, modern stacks, API, and customer relations.
  • Expanded consulting engagements from zero to a run rate of $500K per annum.
  • Developed 100+ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for an agricultural client. This increased crop value by 20% driving annual revenue to over $20M. This also reduced client costs by 30%, including a reduction of $100K per crop, driving an annual COGS reduction in excess of $1M, a total positive swing of $5M.

Why He started Click3D

The intense focus required for accurate and visually informative 3D designs is so enjoyable to Scott that for him it is not work, but an outlet for his creative passion.

 It is for these reasons and others that Scott decided to create CLIK3D, a virtual interior and exterior design company that allows anyone to visualize their architectural dreams before construction begins.

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